The company "Kemi-R" is a family company founded in 1990. The main activity of the company is the manufacture of wood products.
For more than 20 years, "Kemi-R" has been manufacturing products exclusively for export as the main supplier of the worldwide famous company "IKEA". Over the years, the production of "Kemi-R" has been exported mainly to Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Currently the company exports its products mainly to Germany and Austria.

“Kemi-R” owns 3 factories for manufacturing and processing of timber and its stuff is trained and qualified. The company works with both deciduous and coniferous timber. “Kemi-R” has a large drying capacity - about 2,000 m2 / month.

Kemi-R is able to fulfill all customer requirements - from raw timber to a finished and packaged product delivered to the customer's warehouse. The main product groups are: drying of wood, profiling, finger-joint, floor covering, planking, specialized packaging, toys, kids’ furniture, kitchen furniture, garden furniture, decorative products, zoo products, furniture for restaurants, taverns and gardens, advertising products, etc.

The company continuously modernizes its technological park, in addition to its own investments. "Kemi-R" has won and successfully completed projects financed by EU funds.

In accordance with the company policy concerning quality management, "Kemi-R" has devoted its efforts to promote the company as a manufacturer of high quality wood products, having established their permanent position in the market. The company aims to provide products that meet the needs and requirements of users to the highest extent, while maintaining partnership based on mutual trust and quality.

To achieve its goals, the company has focused its efforts on:

  • Continuous improving and maintenance  of the quality of our products;
  • Optimizing of activities on operations management;
  • Maintaining a high level of technical equipment and infrastructure;
  • Improving of staff skills and development of personal skills of the people in the company;
  • Optimizing the ratio between price and quality of the products.