Kemi-R manufacture of wood products

manufacture of wood products

For more than 20 years, "Kemi-R" has been manufacturing products exclusively for export as the main supplier of the worldwide famous company "IKEA". Over the years, the production of "Kemi-R" has been exported mainly to Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Kemi-R is able to fulfill all customer requirements - from raw timber to a finished and packaged product delivered to the customer's warehouse. The main product groups are: drying of wood, profiling, finger-joint, floor covering, planking, specialized packaging, toys, kids’ furniture, kitchen furniture, garden furniture, decorative products, zoo products, furniture for restaurants, taverns and gardens, advertising products, etc.

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